Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Bintan - An Indonesian Resort With Dual Pricing Menu !

We took a quick look at the price-card displayed on the table, and found the offers reasonable. We picked our choices. The food came, and we asked for the bill before we tucked in our picks - just not to fall into the trap of excessive billing after the food had irreversibly gone into our stomachs.

The tally in Singapore $ was different from our mental calculation. Why ? Oh, the displayed prices were for the locals. Visitors pay different prices ! Just as expected, we're in for a slaughter.

I laughed it off, and asked my wife to make the payment to avoid any possible harassment as the billing was comparable to Singapore food joints'.

That's was the only experience, albeit a bad one that we would probably remember forever of Bintan from the very moment when our catamaran pulled up beside the jetty, Bandar Bentan Telani on Monday, 19 November 2007 to our departure at 4.30pm onboard Arung Bendara on the same day.

Picture on Right: The iconic Bird of Indonesia. It was strategically unveiled opposite the ferry terminal to receive the attention of visitors entering Bintan resort.

Below picture: A shot from within the bus awaiting to begin its journey along Route B. The building in the background is the bus station where commuters could buy per journey tickets. The building is located at the entrance to Pasar Oleh Oleh.

That's Pasar Oleh Oleh which comprises a good number of cafes, restaurants, outlets showcasing Indonesian artefacts, handicrafts, etc; and minimarts. Strangely, the prices were in Singapore dollars.

My wife onboard the upper level of catamaran leaving for Singapore.

Quick shots onboard the catamaran of the ferry terminal on our way back to Singapore: