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MAJODI Centre derives its acronym from Malacca-Johore Diocesan Centre.   

It is located at 2101 Jalan Masai, Plentong, 81750 Masai, Johor.

Accessible by public bus service 39, 133 and 208 (Bus fare: RM2.70).

Located 2 bus-stops away is the Church of St Joseph.

A purpose-built centre for:
  • Silent and Preached Retreats,
  • Seminars for Adults and Youth,
  • Formation Sessions,
  • Conferences,
  • Weddings,
  • Regional Meetings,
  • Chapters,
  • Gatherings,
  • BBQs, etc.

The main gate opens onto a vast compound, with the Pastoral Institute in the background, the St James' Chapel to the left, and the Graceville ( Home for Aged and Destitutes ) to the right.

The below site-map helps tremendously our orientation on the sprawling habitat.

Ample parking space and open space for games and outdoor activities.

On the right is the Reference Library and MAJODI Diocesan Curia.

St James' Chapel is in the background.

The Bookshop is next to the chapel, and aims to:
  • form a reading and thinking society,
  • create awareness,
  • bring knowledge to the masses,
  • feed the hungry mind, and
  • fill the thirsting soul.

Morning mass is held at the chapel at 7.30am.

Religious retreats where guidance and aids in contemplation and meditative techniques or spiritual motivational sessions can be arranged on prior request.

To attend a retreat is to seek God, and to rest in his presence in a time set apart for prayer and reflection.

Solitude, silence and stillness, in varying degrees, are normally regarded as necessary conditions.

The below nursery is just next to St James' Chapel.

Take in the beauty of His creation, immerse in the surrounding lush greenery with 30 acres of fruit trees and well maintained gardens.

To the right of St James' Chapel is Our Lady at the fountain.

There are badminton courts, table tennis, football courts and a volleyball court for loved ones and friends to engage in games for your physical well-being and recreation. 

This covered link-hall connects the Curia and St Augustine retreat house.
There are ample quiet spaces where you can share peaceful, serene moments with those you love, and with whom you can go on long walks in the cool of the day.

A shot from the dormitory of the way out to the main gate.

The centre sits on 30-acres of lush greenery.   A great experience to appreciate the serenity of nature and its inhabitants.

Look out for that fishing pond in the background.   The St John Vianney Retreat House is located behind shrubs and trees.

Clear evidence of proper maintenance of grounds, plants, fruit trees, vegetable plots, oil palm plantation, etc.

One corner of Matthew's Place ( nearer to fishing pond ).

The ground floor of Domus Shalom Hall, Rooms and Dormitories.

The link between the dormitories and Matthew's Place.

It offers clean and comfortable fully air-conditioned en-suite Single Rooms, Double Rooms, Chalets, Dormitories, Meeting Rooms, a 1,000 seating capacity Hall and wide open spaces. 

“Come with me, by yourselves, to some lonely place where you can rest quietly”

(Mark 6: 30)

Above:   Poustinia adjoins the Majodi Hall (below).   Poustinia is a small sparsely furnished cabin or room where one goes to pray and fast alone in the presence of God.

The hall caters to Diocesan and Church groups, Religious Congregations, International and Regional Religious Organisations as well as those from other faiths.

Preparation in progress for a private function by a Malay organizer.

Across from the Majodi Hall is Our Lady's Grotto.

The open field in front of Our Lady's Grotto.

Works in progress to add more facilities to the centre.   This new row of facilities stretches all the way from Our Lady's Grotto to Graceville.


The rear of Pastoral Institute.

Our Lady's Grotto is to the left.

The double-storey living quarters of Graceville.

The Diocesan Pastoral Institute of the Melaka-Johor Diocese (MJDPI) is the formation hub and pastoral centre of the Diocese.

It houses some twenty pastoral ministries of the Diocese and assists the Bishop in his pastoral work over the Church.

St Theresa Retreat House adjoins the institute.

This walk-about experience at Majodi Centre that I missed for my RCIA Retreat due to the SARS deadly disease sets me thinking about how far more enriching my journey could have been had I spent the weekend there with my fellow catechumens then.

Click here for St Joseph Church

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