Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Gender Discrimination ?

A male forum writer (ST August 20) had responded to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's National Day Rally speech on the baby shortage issue:

"In suggesting that men should assist their wives with child-rearing duties and household chores, PM Lee said: 'In the old days, the man was the master of the household. That era has gone.

The modern woman expects equality.' I agree totally. This also means that the laws regarding marriage and family should keep in step with the changing trend. These laws were written in a different era and assumed that men were the providers and protectors, and women, the powerless party.

The present laws discriminate against men, in matters relating to divorce, assets, inheritance and who gets to care for the children when a marriage fails.

I doubt rational thinking men would be keen to get into such an arrangement where the odds are stacked against them. Update the marriage and family laws and make it as fair for the men and children if we wish to increase marriages and birth rates."

Sounds all too familiar ? It certainly does for me. Let us look out for more views from others.

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Jonathan Lee said...

You bet our laws and our institutions need to be revamped. For starters, international organisations have come up with misleading and skewed reports on gender equality. Our Women's Charter have led to unequal and bitter fights over matrimonial property. Not a pretty outcome. see article on this topic : Empowerment and Matrimonial Assets at