Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Does 08/08/08 Augur Well For Everyone ?

Someone commented that in Chinese tradition, eight (8) is a lucky number. I wonder!

I remember Taoists have high regard for the basic digits, 3 and 9. Besides, what is good is relative to one's divine make-up such as date of birth, time of birth and year of birth.

He added that in Mandarin, the number sounds like "prosper". Yes, I am aware of it. But, I remember hearing from a friend of mine that many premium cars bearing number plates with the digit 8, in whatever permutation, were towed away on bank loan default during bad times!

Mine had the nice sounding permutation, 3883; but I did not proper just as great. I tendered a high rental for my shop space at Plaza 888 along with several others who probably believed in it, but where are most of us now ?

According to a spokesman from the Registry of Marriages, 308 ceremonies were performed yesterday, 08/08/08; a significant dip from the 772 ceremonies held last July 7 - 07/07/07.

Many believe fewer couples are tying the knot this year as it is currently the Hungry Ghosts month, a time thought to be inauspicious for everything from marriage to buying a house.

Nice to behold, But once bitten Twice shy!

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