Friday, 4 December 2009


Click here  for "Catholics DO NOT Worship Mother Mary"
Click here  for "Celebration of Lourdes Experience in Singapore"
Click here  for "Confucius Helps Me Score As"
Click here  for "Our Lady's Procession 2008"
Click here  for "Mid-autumn Festival by the River"
Click here  for "Does 08-08-08 augur well for everybody"
Click here  for "Changing Mindset On Religion"
Click here  for "Hungry Ghosts Festival"
Click here  for "One Faith Holds The Ultimate Verity of Religion ?"
Click here  for "Archbishop Emeritus Gregory Yong - My Dedication"
Click here  for "Who Has the Universal Concept of Love"

Click here for First Sunday of Advent at Sacred Heart of Jesus, Johor Bahru
Click here for Church of Holy Family, Ulu Tiram
Click here for Oldest Church in Johor, CIC
Click here for St Joseph Church
Click here for St Louis Church, Kluang
Click here for Majodi Centre

Click here for Veneration of Ancestors

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