Sunday, 11 December 2011

Church of the Holy Family at Ulu Tiram of Johor

It was 3rd Sunday of Advent ( 10 December 2011 ), and we were exploring the compound and vicinity of Church of the Holy Family at Jalan Bedara, off Jalan Sungai Tiram; before setting off to Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for Sunset Mass.

Jalan Bedara is not readily visible from the Google Map.   Neither was there a road sign to indicate it when we finally made our way to the church after making several enquiries along the way from the bus terminal at Jalan Duku.

The church is located behind the more popularly known chinese primary school, SRJK (C) Tiram or simply the 'chinese primary school' as the residents would call it when offering advice on the direction to the church.

The single-storey church is at the far end of the narrow road that runs beside the school hall cum canteen.   It serves a small community, and English mass is only held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Notice the Tabernacle ?

That's the back-view of the main entrance to the sanctuary.

Front-view of the main entrance to sanctuary.

The left flank of the church's compound.   The newly-added building of the primary school towers above the church.

Parish office (Tel: 07-8631485).   Toilets are in the background.

Our Lady's Grotto is located in front of the parish office.   It would be great if the community could embark on some tree-planting efforts to provide shade to the sprawling compound.

Sungai Tiram runs beside the left flank of the church's compound. The broadcasting tower in the background could serve as the landmark to look out for when travelling along the main road (Jalan Kota Tinggi) from the checkpoint.   Beside the tower is Tiram mart.

I wonder whether it would overflow and flood the church's compound during the year-end monsoon.

The soiled tree branch could have been washed ashore during heavy rains.

The long corridor leads to the toilets and back of the sanctuary.

The back of the sanctuary leads to the right flank of the church's compound which has a small gate that opens onto the primary school's compound.

A view of the right flank from the front gate.   The small side-gate that leads to the primary school is to the right of this sheltered compound.

There it is the side-gate !

The front porch of the primary school.   The church is behind the school.   The school hall cum canteen is to the left of the front porch.

The stage of the school hall cum canteen.

The Christmas Party runs from 3.30pm to 9.00pm

Games !    Games !

A test of the steady hands and mind !

Hmm.   What am I to do ?

Scooping the ping-pongs .....

How am to give the best shot ?

Knock them, I mean the cans, out ?

That's the row of shophouses opposite the church.   The narrow road leads to Jalan Sungai Tiram.

That's the other far end of the road leading to Jalan Sungai Tirum.   The church is to the right.
The junction of Jalan Sungai Tirum and Jalan Bedara.   The school hall cum canteen is in the background.   There are some small stalls or coffee shops selling laksa, soup noodles, drinks, etc. near the junction.

We decided to settle for the wanton noodle stall at a coffee shop further up (nearer to Jalan Duku).   The bus terminal is within walking distance behind this coffee shop.   The church is on the other side of the flyover in the background.

RM3.50 for this sumptuous bowl of wanton noodle !

Coincidentally, we left with the same bus that brought us to Jalan Sungai Tirum from City Square (RM3.00 per person for a 45 minutes).

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