Friday, 4 December 2009

Internet Milestones In Singapore

1987:   The National University of Singapore is hooked up to Bitnet, a cooperative online network of universities around the world.

1990: Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) launches Teleview, a primitive, more limited version of today's Internet.

1994:   SingNet launches consumer dial-up services.

1996:  The SingaporeOne nationwide broadband network is launched, giving users unprecedented high-speed access to Singapore websites.

1997:   The Singapore Network Information Centre is formed to handle the administration for .sg addresses and handle disputes like cyber-squatting.

1997:   Consumer broadband Internet services launched by SingTel and StarHub.

2005:   3G or third-generation mobile broadband service arrives, allowing users with 3G mobile phones to surf the Internet faster and cheaper.

2006:   Free wireless@SG network introduced, allowing users with suitably equipped notebook computers to surf the Internet wirelessly in areas like Orchard Road and Suntec City.  The speed of this was doubled to 1Mbps last month.

2008:   OpenNet awarded tender to build a new, billion-dollar fibre optic broadband network connected to every household.

2009:   As at August, 1.44 million households here have broadband Internet access.


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