Thursday, 23 February 2012

Church of St Louis at Kluang

We took our first KTM train ride to Kluang on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 (Ash Wednesday); and visited the Church of St Louis at Kluang, Johor.

Mon-Fri : 1830
SAT : 1800
Sun : 9.00am (Mandarin) & 5.30pm (English*)
Sun : 5.30pm (*Tamil, 2 and last Sunday of the month)

The confession room near the main entrance to the sanctuary.
 Address:   4 Jalan Omar 86000 Johor.   Tel:   60-7-771 2053

The church is more accessible by KTM train as the road ( Jalan Omar) leading to the church (15 mins walk) is right in front of the Kluang Railway Station.   The train fare is about RM17.00.   KTM does run 'Shuttle Trains' at RM4.00 or RM2.00 (buy it from across the causeway, Malaysia ICQ complex) for those aged 60 and above years old.   First 'Shuttle train' leaves at 8.00am, and another at 9.00am; and reaches Kluang at about 10.30am (we reached Kluang at 11.40am due to some delays along the way).   The returning train at 3.15pm (last 'shuttle' for the day) was similarly delayed twice to 6.00pm.   We were not sure whether the earlier returning train at 1.30pm was similarly delayed.

We changed our initial plan, and took an Orkid Express coach at RM8.50 from the town centre (about 20 mins walk from the train station).   The coach leaves the terminus at half-hourly intervals, and ends at Larkins Terminal at Johor Bahru (90 mins travel time).

The Sacristy.  This is where the priests prepare themselves for mass, and where sacred vessels and vestments are kept for use during the mass.

The rear of the church's sanctuary i.e. after the sacristy.

The parish office .

The annex building where the parish office and other function rooms are located.

Behind the annex building.

Front porch of the sanctuary.   In the background is a Tamil School.   Notice Mother Mary ?

We did not stay on for the mass for Ash Wednesday as it would be held at 8.00pm (multi-languages).

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