Friday, 24 February 2012

My First KTM Train Ride

We managed to reach the ticket counter located within the link building adjoining the Malaysia ICQ complex (checkpoint) at 7.45am on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 to grab the special tickets @ RM4.00 to Kluang for the first 'Shuttle trains' leaving at 8.00am.

The next and last 'Shuttle train' for the day leaves at 9.00am.

For those aged 60 and above years old need only pay RM2.00.   A normal train ride would have cost us RM17.00 each.

Delays are common, and we were let in at 8.05am.

There were about 20 of us for the morning ride.   Be prepared for bigger crowd during the weekend and public holidays.

There were only 2 cabins in tow.   Ours was well-kept and comfortable except for the poor ventilation, and baby cockroaches that came out searching for food whenever the train pulled up at each stop-over along the way.   We doubt the cabin was air-conditioned as the doors were left open.   The glass panel of one door was missing.   It became more unbearable along the way as the sun rose higher.

The toilet was well-kept too.

The first stop-over was at Kempas Bahru Station.

Kulai Town was next in line.   We looked ahead, and realised that the bus terminus was nearby, probably about 15 mins walk from the station.   Notice the red temple in the background ?   That was where the buses/coaches turned into the terminus.

On the other side of the railway (opposite the Kulai Station) was a total contrast.

Next was Layang-Layang Station.   What was unique about this station was that the ticket counter and a nearby eating joint (below picture) were on the right-hand side of the forward moving train.

We realised from this trip that certain stations such as Layang-Layang and Renggam (next on the line) were not shown on the KTM's website.

We gained confidence with the train stop-over procedure at each station, and decided to wander off the train for a better feel of the vicinity.   On average, the train would stop for about 15 mins at each station for mid-way passengers to get on.   Before the train moved on, the station master would have to sound the bell twice to alert passengers to get on, and subsequently stationed beside the train with a green-colour flag to signal to the train driver to move on.

We were impressed with what we saw at the rear of the station. A food centre was amongst the structures that caught our eyes.

It was also here that we took courage to walk upfront for some good shots of the train.   We were happy that the next stop would be our destination, Kluang Station.

We reached Kluang Railway Station at about 11.40am, and headed for the popular Tangkak Beef at the town centre before returning to the station for more shots of the vicinity.  By then, the popular cafe had closed for lunch.

Tickets would be on sale half-hour before departure time.

Front poach of Kluang Railway Station.

Looking at the town centre from the front poach of Kluang Railway Station.

Read St Louis Church at Kluang.

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