Monday, 3 January 2011

Travelling Up North from Larkin Bus Terminal

I find it more economical to book a trip from Larkin, Johor Bahru to other destinations away from the state of Johor.

As I do not cross over regularly, I tend to worry about the time schedule of the bus service each time I decide to make a trip up north.   It dawned on me during my recent trip to Melaka that I should, perhaps, note down the various time slots for trips away from Larkin Bus Terminal.

There is no better way to record the details compared to some of the snap-shots that I managed to capture on my way back:

 Some searches on relevant websites for available seats might be more reassuring during or near holidays / weekends:

Remember to enquire about availability of ticket for return trip as it can be problematic to book for it if you procrastinate during peak periods.  'Delima' offers return trip booking for Melaka at Larkin terminal (Johor Bahru).

I was almost stranded twice, once at Kota Tinggi Waterfall (local bus stopped service after 3.00pm then; and another time at Batu Pahat (several available tickets were readily snapped up when I was deciding on the time to leave for Singapore - I had to settle for a local and less comfortable bus that practically stopped at every other bus stops along the old, narrow and winding roads to Ayer Hitam to catch another coach to Johor Bahru).

Taxi-drivers tend to charge exorbitantly when they sensed that you are desperate and unfamiliar with the area.


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