Thursday, 15 November 2007

What Some Do To Our Loved Ones At Night

I visit the Choa Chu Kang cemetery regularly. Often, there were tell-tale signs of some mass prayers by strangers on the night or nights before.

There were incense papers strewn along the paths leading to new burial grounds. Leftovers were found at the graves en bloc, and they were evidence of some standardized spread of offerings.
Previously, I had dismissed them as the acts of desperadoes hoping for lucky numbers from the newly buried.

I have, however, found to my horror what possible acts of abuse and torture that the souls of my loved one and others could have been subject to.

I met someone during my recent visit that night prayers were often offered by hordes of people with the assistance of some medium to demand lucky numbers from the dead at new graves.

Some had even brought along the latest obituary to call up the souls with the names shown in the newspaper ( The newly-buried had no tombstone, and therefore could not be identified by name at the burial ground ).

They took particular interest in those who suffered inexplicable or violent death as the unappeased souls were believed to be more yielding and precise in giving out lucky numbers.

The medium would instruct the strangers to drive some form of ritualized sticks over certain positions of the dead bodies until the souls yielded to their demands.

All these activities could drag into the wee hours of the morning until the strangers had their fill.

P.S.   The Sunday Times April 10, 2011

Journalist Nicholas  Yong wrote:

In Bukit Brown Cementery, amateur historian Charles Goh points to an area filled with offerings such as crabs, sweets and biscuits, which were probably left behind by punters asking the spirits for 4D numbers.

In the night, it (Chua Chu Kang Chinese Cemetery) also attracts many mediums and their followers, who conduct regular seances there.

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