Sunday, 9 December 2007

My Testimony For Mother Mary

To : Our Lady Of Perpetual Help

A big THANK YOU to you, Heavenly MOTHER for your Intercessions and Prayers !

It is through You that I have found LOVE in my would-be wife, Florence Heng.

I met her about twenty years ago. But, never would I realize that LOVE would kindle and blossom between us ONLY in this Millennium of Jubilee Celebrations.

She didn't know me well then. I, however, had a little insight of her through her sister, Rosalind Heng, my colleague.

On my cousin's, Catherine Seah, prompting, I came to the Novena Church for nine consecutive sessions in the latter part of 1999.

I confided in you, and found joy in praying to you ever since.

Petitions I had, but few. You knew my priorities.

Finding a life-partner was uppermost in my mind.

Soon after, I met Florence again at a Life in the Spirit seminar.

I enquired, and She affirmed that we met many years ago.

A lovely and pretty sweetheart that GOD has, in His own time, planned for me,
but without my realising it.


With your blessings and God's constant showering of LOVE, our LOVE and understanding for each other is growing from strength to strength
with each passing day.

Come next year, and you'll find another proud Catholic family in your midst.

We count on your blessings and prayers.


From : David Sia
Your Non-Catholic Son

October 2001

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