Tuesday, 7 July 2009

It's not the Alma Mater that it was !

Yes, my newly-built alma mater, Bartley Secondary School may be more modern and impressive, but I could not find any emotional attachment to it at all ! I do feel a quiver of excitement on hearing the name being mentioned when I meet my ex-classmates or come across some other old Bartleyans. But, I do not share the same sentiment when I drive past the new complex. Instead, I tend to cast my sight further back into the presently dilapidated background where my alma mater proper once stood.

Every nook and corner of the imaginary old premises brings back vivid memories of those years from 1967 through 1972. Save for the roads that once ran on either side of the front building, and the school field where many sporting events and practices used to be held much to my delight; the rest of the dilapidated site has practically gone beyond recognition.

I went back once to take shots of the remaining landmarks of the site which is being developed into part of the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway project. The roads, trees and school field might be gone eventually; but, hopefully, the photographs could help me in navigating through the imaginary old compound of my alma mater. It is with this in mind that I positioned my camera to capture the adjoining and contrasting 'old' and 'new' landmarks of the development site.

It was at the old premises that I could relate to all the sweet and bitter experiences of my secondary and upper secondary days.

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