Sunday, 15 June 2008

Chilled Tofu Basking In Spicy Bailing Mushrooms

Basically, I love mushrooms - all sorts, and when I first saw this bottle of appetizing Bailing mushrooms.

I have grown accustomed to taking my chilled tofu with fine-cut red chilli and light soy sauce since young. For a change, I decided to try it with the preserved Bailing mushrooms, and my wife and I love it best ever since.

If you prefer yours to be more spicy, you could add in cut red chilli as well (Remember to remove the seeds otherwise some might get lodged in your appendix, and cause severe pain - not many aware of this danger).

Bottles of such mushrooms could now be bought off the shelves at some Fairprice outlets. Avoid using the mixed mushrooms as the gravy is tasteless, and does not add flavour to the chilled tofu.

Caution: For those with weak stomach, I suggest that you add both items together, and put them in the steamer for 15 minuties before consumption.

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