Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Parenting Licence In Singapore ?

Radio FM 95.8 had an interesting slot at 12.30 pm today. The host had started the programme by referring to some moves to introduce licensing arrangements for would-be parents in some countries such as China and Australia.

At the invitation of the host, 7 men and 1 woman had called in to express their views on the feasibility of such a scheme in Singapore. Views varied as much as they were diverse in details.

Majority were not in favour or sceptical about the practicality of such an intention. Along the same vein, they shared the desirability of some courses, both pre- and post-marriage for couples.

More interestingly, the sole lady caller had cited the poor participation rate by men in classes run by her organisation. Often, they were very happy and contented to see 3 or so men in a session.

Paradoxically, we had 7 men against 1 woman calling in for this afternoon's programme.

It now sets me thinking whether or not men/husbands actually shy away from programmes involving family affairs.

Could it be the methodology that needs review for drawing more men/husbands to come forward with their girlfriends/wives ?

Was the intention of the programme appropriately coined and conveyed to men so as to put them at ease in coming forward with their partners to share their experiences/predicaments ?

Did the scheduling consider the precious little time that many men have outside their working hours ?

Have sufficient efforts been made to understand men's absence from programme meant for wives and their spouses ?

Have sufficient efforts been made to change men's perception of such good intentions ?

Have spouses made adequate efforts to convince each other to go forward for self-improvement ?

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