Tuesday, 3 June 2008


FoodXCulture is Coming Soon to this blog. I have tried all that my wildest imagination could think of:

  • FoodXEperience,
  • FoodXPeriment,
  • FoodHeist,
  • FoodCulture,
  • FoodSense,
  • FoodConcept,
  • FoodBlog, even
  • FoodQuack.
Other netizens beat me to it ( or them ? ).

From hindsight, I am happy to settle down with the label, FoodXCulture as it best captures my imagination on food fusion across cultural influences.

Basically, I am open to all local and exotic cuisines, and their unique ways of preparation and consumption. Many of us have the tendency to make comparison of others ( food and food-related aspects, I mean ) with what we are so accustomed to in our culture and experiences.

I have heard of instances when Singaporeans brought along their favourite preparation or brand of chilli paste when they went overseas. Every meal and every food preparation must be powered up by their favourite spicy condiment(s).

To me, some Teochew ( my dialect, incidentally ) food is best taken without any spicy concoction or pepper in order to appreciate the sweetness and freshness of the ingredients.

Others may exclaim, "Oh, this can't be better than my mum's way of cooking." Really ? For me, there is no universal way of appealing to all taste buds. Rather, we tend to have our individual preferences over the nitty-gritty of food preparation and combination.

Some ingredients are too pungent to put us off. Well, we can exercise our individual prerogative to do away with them, and enhance the flavours with others. Do not like the roast ?

Well, we can consider cooking it in another way. Well, that is precisely what I have in mind in sharing with others on my past experiences/experiments.

I may consider buying a better camera to enhance my photo uploading for this slot.

Look up for my first favourite on simple Chilled tofu soaked in mushroom gravy !

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