Sunday, 1 June 2008

Why Do Husbands Always Get The Blame ?

The full question was " Why Do Husbands Always Get The Blame When Something Happens In The Family ? "

This was the question posed by a male reader who wrote to the forum page of a local newspaper recently. The reader claimed that he was dismayed by another male reader 's earlier suggestion on " Take Harsher Stand Against Errant Husbands ".

Other interesting posers include:

  • Why are women always right ?

  • What about men's rights ? and

  • What do we call errant wives, and where should we consign such wives ?

To me, the stands posed by both men ( surprisingly ) involved serious and sensitive issues that many of us would prefer to delve on during private conversations.

I regret that nobody else picked up on the issues, otherwise we ( men and women ) could avail ourselves of the opportunities to better understand the current situation involving men's and women's rights.

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Jonathan Lee said...

Sex and adultery seems to be the most sensitive topics within the marriage. We seem to have many misconceptions in these areas. For eg. I don't think men want polygamy. For a start, how many men can earn enough to support so many wives and children? And if the top 10% of men have just 2 wives, it means that there will not be enough women for the bottom 10% of men to marry (assuming equal gender distribution). see short story on this topic : King's Madness at