Sunday, 15 June 2008

Let This Father's Day Be A Day Of Reflection

Mothers' Day was a day of great and widespread celebrations both in the city and heartlands. Quite unabashed, I acknowledged in the presence of my wife and her friends that this Fathers' Day continued to pale in comparison.

It is not that I am trying to put up a "macho" front as a man, but I just wonder, WHY ?

Why is there a great disparity ?

What has gone wrong in portraying the equally important role of the father in a family ? Is it man's undoing that gives rise to the negative stereotyping of all fathers as the unlovable animal in the family ?

Is it the close proximity of both occasions that renders the misconception that Fathers' Day is uneventful when in fact faithful daughters and sons had already celebrated Mothers' Day as Parents' Day ?

I am SORRY if I had misunderstood you, all faithful future mothers and fathers. The commercial sector is seemingly indifferent to Fathers' Day, or is it a reflection of the realism in our society - fathers are not as lovable as mothers ?

Promotions lack depth and coverage towards Fathers' Day when in reality working fathers often ended up paying for the big tickets. Some fathers are known to have reprimanded their children for buying them presents.

Are the fathers to be blamed for their children's subsequent lack of interest in buying gifts or celebrating for their fathers ?

More importantly, is it time that fathers come together to correct any negative image that men have been unfairly drawn into ?

Do we have a negative image to grapple with in the first instance ?

Is it Real or is it a matter of perception ?

Are they isolated cases ?

What is the incidence ?

Last year, I chanced upon an interview when the interviewer enquired about a teenager's Fathers' Day celebration.

"No celebration" was his/her reply.

"Why ?" the interviewer interjected.

He/she shrugged his/her shoulders, while struggling for an answer.

"But, do you celebrate Mothers' Day ?"

"YES !" a resounding and prompt reply from the interviewee.

"Why ?" the interviewer frowned for an interesting reply. The interviewee reeled with guilt and embarrassment. No answer........

It is to the disadvantage of any retailer or restaurateur to ignore any sales opportunity.

But, why are they not advertising or promoting as fiercely as towards Mothers' Day.

Have they run out of their budgets after banking their limited resources towards Mothers' Day ?

Are ladies ( mothers and daughters ) more susceptible to impulsive buying that retailers and restaurateurs would not hesitate to entice them at every opportunity ?

Suffice it to say at this juncture that no one will have an inclusive reply to all those puzzles. But, let us continue to reflect on the issues at hand.

No immediate and all encompassing solution is likely to be forthcoming in the foreseeable future.

May the next Fathers' Day bring greater joy and more heightened mood of celebration to all fathers and their loved ones in a more tangible and significant dimension.

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Jonathan Lee said...

The relationship between father and son is always fraught with pit falls. Too close and we fear the son will grow up a sissy. Too distant and there's too much tension. Too rich and we have the sons eyeing to take over the assets. Did we evolve from the animal world where fathers fight their sons for survival? see short story on this topic : King's Madness at So what is a father supposed to do?