Saturday, 14 June 2008

More Than Just Chicken Rice Mix

A celebrity chef does not fail to tuck along a bottle or two's when he has to leave for overseas engagement. He is more than happy to have it with his plain rice minus the chicken to satiate his crave for Singapore Chicken Rice.

I have tried it out, and am happy with the outcome (see my other posting on "Clay-pot Rice").

It works wonders on my stir-fried vegetables such as capsicums, shanghai green, bitter-gourd, chye sim and kai-lan. I have yet to try it with tofu soup. I suggest that you use it sparingly on your first attempt, otherwise the pungent ginger ingredient might overwhelm your taste bud.

Add according to your own preference. It has salt as an ingredient. So, add your favourite light sauce or oyster sauce with care.

There are other brands in the market, but I like this brand best because there is no MSG, artificial flavouring, and preservative.

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